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Did well over the weekend... Even through all the soreness, and walking like my legs were two pegs, I still managed to pull off a 3 mile walk.  I thought it might loosen some of the soreness...  Come to find out all that it did was make me walk different and rub blisters on my feet!

Oh well... I guess it's better than not walking at all..

Sunday was a tough test, as the family wanted to go to the State Fair.  I was good though, only had a turkey leg and some iced tea.  So my first weekend away from the grind and in that "temptation zone" was a success!  Here's to a great week!

Monday Meals -

Breakfast - Oatmeal

After Workout - protein shake, 1 banana

Mid morning - apple, peach

Lunch - Cotton Patch salad (no bacon, no cheese, vinaigrette dressing)

mid afternoon - 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner - 2 chicken breasts, mixed vegetables

Until next time...