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Day 8: Go Ahead.. .Laugh At Me

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Yes. I'm walking funny. I moan when I sit and stand up. My husband is getting a kick out of this. He tries to hid the laugh -- but -- I see it!! I tell ya... lunges and high steps and leg lifts.. wow. If nothing else I'm toning my ....    :)

Back to the gym today after barely being able to walk at all on Saturday. It was tough. But, the ladies in my class are so supportive and so nice and they make a point to cheer me on. The message from all of them.. the pain will be worth it. And I know it will.

The weekend diet thing wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Slipped just a little on Sunday night, we'll blame my mother-in-law's spaghetti for that :) but I did not over do it. And am right back on track today.

Tune in Tuesday night at 6 & 10 and Kris and I will show some more  humiliating video and give you the update on how we're doing. I have not been on the scale. But, I don't feel like I've lost a pound. Must have patience.... sighhhhh..

Here's to hoping I can get out of bed in the morning :)