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Day 5

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Missed getting this posted yesterday.  Things are crazy around the newsroom on Fridays.  I love the Friday Night Lights though... Gets my blood pumping and I'm always excited to get out across texoma to see area teams hit the grid iron!

Worked out with Tammy at Nautilus in Sherman today... She's tough on me, but finds a way to get those extra couple of reps out that I don't think I have in me.  Which is good, I tend to be a little (or if you ask my wife, a lot) lazy.  Workout consisted of everything we did on Monday in Wednesday, just two sets instead of three.  Legs are the toughest, because I look funny walking around when they're sore and weak.  I'll push through it though... and the soreness seems to be gone out of my upper body.

I will say this... I already feel better.  When I'm hungry, I eat... healthy.  I keep a ton of water around which seems to curb some of the appetite as well.  And when I do eat, It's like those energy drinks you get in the store.  It's kind of cool actually

Had my first test tonight, as on Friday nights in the newsroom, there are about eight large pizzas brought in for everyone so people can eat and get out the door to their games.  The smell was overwhelming, and it was all I could do not to eat just one slice.  But alas, I warmed my chicken and all was good in the world.  Ha!

Meals for Friday:

Breakfast - Oatmeal

After workout - protein shake - banana

Mid morning - 2 apples

Lunch - 2 chicken breasts

Mid afternoon - 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner - 2 chicken breasts

Until next time...