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Day 5: A Good Day

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Really felt inadequate this morning in my work out. It was tough!  We did minute intervals of various cardio type exercises -- work hard for a minute -- then a few seconds to recover and do something else.  I looked around at the other ladies in the class and they were just truckin' on through. I, however, couldn't last the entire minute and had to pause more than others.. lol! But, I kept on going and finished three sets of all of it. I'm just out of shape, plain and simple.. but.. I'll get it back.

The good thing about the work outs, Jami "The Fitness Professional" really keeps an eye on us. At one point today she saw me  huffing and puffing and my face as red as a strawberry... I could tell she wondered if I was ok. I just winked at her and kept on going.  You have to trust the person you're working with to be there and know when enough is enough.  Remember you can log onto their web site  and find out more about getting fit in Ardmore!!

I am noticing ... I think I'm hungry all the time. I say I "think" I'm hungry because I wonder if I'm just craving the bad stuff. Today I did eat fairly good. Of course the five large pizzas in the newsroom tonight (standard for Friday night Football coverage) didn't help.  NO! I have not eaten any pizza!!! But, tonight I'm extremely hungry and I really shouldn't be.

The weekend will be interesting. That's always my worst when it comes to eating right. Here's to hoping my will power strengthening as well. OH, and if I don't blog over the weekend.. it's because I'm computer illiterate. I can only do this at work because it's kind of "set up" for me.. LOL!!!


Breakfast: .... oops.. forgot that one. It's the only time of the day I'm not  hungry.

10:30am: about a cup of chicken salad (light mayo) on double fiber whole grain bread (1 piece)

2:15: Protein shake

4:30:  3 oz grilled chicken and about a cup of red grapes

7:00: Green Giant Steamers (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) I ate the whole bag

8:30: 3 oz grilled chicken (time between veggies and chick is because I got busy producing my show -- I know.. bad)

8:45: watching Alan Mitchell carry the empty boxes of pizza out of the room. Ahhhh.. the temptation is gone :)

Here's to the weekend!!!