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Day 3: Man, I'm Tired

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I think I've hit bottom... going through carb and chemical withdrawal. Not craving bad food, in fact nothing sounds good at all. But,  my brain is not working today... just producing my shows and talking feels a little slow.

Alarm went off at 6:30am -- followed by text message from Trainer Jami :)

Yes, I missed my day at the gym BECAUSE I HAD A HAIR APPOINTMENT...  But, I hit the bike right after 7am and squeezed in 20 minutes before hitting the shower and out the door by 8 to be at my appointment in Celina by 10. Jami made me promise to text her when I worked out again (she said 20 minutes on the bike wasn't good enough) So, I squeezed in a 30 minute power walk before getting to work at 2. My AP on my phone says I burned more than 400 calories with those two work outs.

But, at work -- man -- I'm just brain dead. I guess this is normal? coming off the carbs and all the junk in the foods I usually eat.

8:00am - Protein Shake

10:00am - Junior Breakfast Burrito (Sonic) -- I know.. but I was so hungry I felt weak. Also got a large water with lemon that I've filled up 3 times today

2:30pm- Healthy Choice Sweet and Sour Chicken meal (not bad)

7:15pm - Healthy Choice Chicken Parmigiana (pretty good)

It's ten till 9 now and I'm not hungry -- just super tired and more sore today than I was yesterday.

I know my meals are not great -- but -- I'm in the car 3 hours a day.. today.. it was about 5.

Here's to tomorrow.