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Day 2: Making Time For Food

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Didn't do as well today with the food thing. I'm going to have to learn to "make time."

I'll be honest.. I don't grocery shop.  My kids think food either comes from a drive thru or the freezer, so there's not a lot of healthy foods in the house.  Since I was in a hurry this morning, I knew I needed protein.. so ... I grabbed some deli sliced roast beef. I wasn't hungry, just ate three slices.

I did boil some eggs and crammed down a couple of those as I walked out the door. I also did make me a roast beef sandwich with double fiber whole grain bread and baby spinach, spicy mustard and jalapeno's ( I LOVE jalapeno's). But, I only ate half of that because when I got to work I jumped right in.

By 4:30pm I was STARVING!!  I found a Nature Valley granola bar in my desk that  I scarfed down between the five and six. 

Dinner: a quick run into Wal Mart for a Beef & Portabella Healthy Choice.. blah!!!

According to the 'myfitnesspal' AP on my phone.. I'm still lacking 840 calories for the day. Now it's too late to eat :( 

This is why I got in this situation to begin with. Up early... runnin' and gunnin'.. long hours.. home late...  Tomorrow will be even more hectic. But, I promised to squeeze in work out time. Jami says I have to text her to confirm I am burning those calories... lol!  I love her :)

OH! Check out her blog and what she has to say about me...  :))