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Fairview Elementary Get's Olympian As Class Mentor

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SHERMAN,TX--Every child needs a role model to encourage good choices, perseverance, and confidence. With a program created by retired Olympian Bob Messler, kids can have an Olympic athlete to look up to.

The program, "Classroom Champions" was set up to improve self-esteem, focus on creating goals, and encourage kids to chase their dreams.

Mrs. Wiggins,4th grade teacher, "that's who our Olympian is, her name is Kim Vandenburg, she's an Olympic swimmer, who won bronze in the Beijing Olympics with her team."

The Olympic swimmer will be sending the 4th graders video messages all throughout the year with stories and encouraging life lessons.  The kids will also be sending her video questions.

Cayden, 4th grader, "it's just a really fun thing to send her messages and hear what and see what Kim's life is."

A life of challenges and achievement that is inspiring these kids to reach for the stars.

Brock, 4th grader "it makes me more excited about the thing I want to do, which is be an inventor."

Caitlin, 4th grade, "I want to follow in her footsteps and I want to be a softball player."

During the video the classroom recorded, students hands shot up with questions, and every child seemed engaged in the activity. Lots of goals were written on posters out in the hall and in the classroom and kids were encouraged to give each other compliments and use positive words.

Ethan, "I just think we're like, learning a lot more skills in life."

Skills in life that were already so apparent just 2 months into this special program.