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Community Helps 5-Year-Old Battle Brain Cancer


BONHAM, TX--A Fannin county girl is battling brain cancer. The community is doing everything they can to help her survive.

Alexis Robertson is a 5-year-old girl that has been fighting brain cancer for several years.

The community decided to host a benefit at the Bonham Lake to help Lexi and her family with her fight against cancer. A few of the sponsors for this event explain what it means to help.

"It means a whole lot really," Teri Brown said. "We both work with Lexi's mom at the Fannin County Detention Center so it means a lot and I know it means a lot to her to see a lot of our coworkers here."

"Anytime you see a community come together for anything, whether it's for a child or an adults it's amazing. To see that people still have a big heart and will come together for just the needs of people in the community and the neighbors that we have and not want anything in return," Jeremy Auldridge said.

The community has put in a lot of work to pull this event off. Many people volunteered their time and work to help.

"That's been donated by the Dallas Cowboys, different people in the community, its very nice, very nice," they said.

The benefit had live entertainment and activities for the entire family to enjoy. Some of the volunteers say they hope to make this an annual event as long as Lexi and her family need it.