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Low Water Levels Force Boat Ramps To Close


TEXOMA -- If you are planning to launch your boat this weekend, be careful. A number of boat ramps are dangerously close to closing and some are shutdown already.

The summer heat is evaporating Lake Texoma's water, putting water levels at dangerous lows for boaters.

"At 6-14 is when we need to close the boat ramp here at Mill Creek because of the damage to boats," says Russ Ijames, Mill Creek Marina manager.

Water levels right now are 6-13, to low for many ramps.

"The situation is going to be use the boat ramp at your own risk. We've got about a foot and a half of water at the ramp," says Ijames.

Ijames says that might not be enough for your boat.

"The smaller boats, two foot of water, the larger boats three foot of water," says Ijames.

Joe custer, Corps of Engineers Lake Manager says we're about to break a record.

"I believe the last time we hit 6-12 elevation was back in 2004 so we're on the market to get in that direction right now," says Custer.

And we may go even lower.

"We're looking at an extended drought period that's forecasted right now to go into October, so we're going to continue to drop for a while unless we can get some rain," says Custer.

For now, Ijames gives boaters some advice.

"Be very cautious. You have to make sure the boat is actually floating before you even try to attempt to take the boat off the trailer," says Ijames.

And remember, if you make the decision to launch your boat in these low water levels and it gets damaged, it's your fault and not the marina's. So think before you launch.

Right now, we know Mill Creek is closed to large boats. Small boats can launch at their discretion. Also east Juniper Point is closed and the south ramp in Lakeside is dangerously close to closing as well.