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SOSU hosts youth basketball camp

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"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts" -- That's John Wooden's famous line. Wooden knew that in order to have a great basketball team, it started with fundamentals.

That's what they've been teaching this month over at SOSU's series of basketball fundamental camps.  Almost 100 sixth to ninth graders attended, SOSU's head women's coach Darin Grover's been shouting things like - keep it up high -- move your feet -- and block out.  It's about fundamentals.

"We feel like that's one area that's ignored a little bit.   Young kids, they all want to play games, but they don't necessarily want to work on their skills so we work on shooting, passing, dribbling, that kind of thing," Grover said.

"The team I play for at Kingston, is very good.  We're pretty talented and I hope that I can make us that much better, by coming here and getting better,"  

SOSU has one more camp left this summer.  An offensive skills workshop next week for players seventh through twelfth grade.  For more information visit