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Saturday Storms Damage Several Trailers at RV Business


WHITESBORO, TX--According to the National Weather Service, fast-moving winds Saturday evening caused damage all over the Gainesville, Sadler and Whitesboro areas. An employee of a local RV business said she was in her trailer when the storm it. She said she's lucky to be alive.

Owners of RV Max in Whitesboro say about a third of their trailers were hit during Saturday's Storms. The owners received a call around 8:40 PM from an employee, who also lives in the RV park. She was in her trailer at the time.

Her home stayed on the ground, but several other vehicles weren't so lucky.

"I just know it was so devastating and all the people who been through this and lost their homes. I mean to see this really puts it into perspective," Jamette Rex said, RV Max employee and resident.

"We've got a lot to do now," Jeff White said, RV Max owner. "We've got a lot of cleanup ahead of us. We were quite shocked. It's quite interesting. Different parts of the lot have moved and shifted quite a bit. Some areas weren't touched and other parts a whole bunch of trailers were moved."

Employees were scanning roughly 120 mobile units in the area and assessing the damage.

Jen French, KTEN News