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Wheat Harvest

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GRAYSON CO, TX-- It's as simple as the red river separating the two. But south of the river, wheat farmers say, they're doing better than their neighbors to the north.

While those few miles separating the two don't seem like much, when it comes to mother nature, it made a big difference.

The 2011 wheat crop seemed to be anything but good in Oklahoma. According to AP reports, Oklahoma Wheat Harvest is actually being called "disheartening". It's blamed on the drought in Western Oklahoma and some problems were caused by natural forces like hail, tornados and wildfires.  But here in the Texoma area,  it's a different story.  

"This area we had a real good crop, we were real fortunate. Further out west the crop was poor. And I think east it was pretty good, but we were real fortunate here, we had a very good crop," Aaron Looney said.

This year wheat averaged around $7.90 per bushel according to reports from United States Department of Agriculture. 

And in downtown Sherman, at the mill, employees were very pleased with this years quicker-than-usual harvest.

"We doin' pretty good. We didn't get no rain, so it's been real good. It's been nice and sunny. Usually we have a lot of rain that slows the progress, but this year we didn't have any of that. So we did real good," Rod Edmonson said.

And after 3 weeks of harvesting, the texoma area is ready to wrap things up. The farmers are pleasantly surprised with the crop this year.

"It was better then I expected, much better. Some of the guys had some hail but not much, not many acres. Over all it was a really good harvest," Looney said.  

And as soon as this harvest is over. It's time for another to begin, but not before much needed rain.

"We need rain now. The cattle are suffering, the crops are suffering and it's not going to last very long," Looney said. 

So what now for the farmers? Well, if you drive down the road anytime soon, you will notice hay being bailed and at the end of July corn harvest is expected to begin.  

Kylie Dixon, KTEN NEWS