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Car Interior Temps Can Exceed 150 Degrees During Summer


GRAYSON COUNTY--It's only June, but Monday has been the hottest day in Texoma so far this year with a high of 99. Those temperatures don't compare with how hot the interior of a car can get. Even cookie dough can start to bake on the dashboard.

It's almost as hot as an oven.

"The heat coming into the vehicle without ventilation to excel the heat in the vehicle, it's almost like a pressure cooker," Bryan Adams said, Sherman firefighter. 

During the summer, child locks may not always equal safety.

"Children and older people are very susceptive to heat exhaustion and heat stroke," Sharon Watson said, Executive Director of the Texoma Area Chapter of the Red Cross. "Their bodies do not adjust as well, their bodies get hotter."

National reports say at least 10 people have died this year from staying in a hot car. The Sherman Fire Department found that the dashboards of vehicles can reach temperatures beyond 150 degrees.

"When we get them in the back of the ambulance, we can cool them down, try to cool them down as much as we can while en route to the hospital," Adams said.

Forecasters only expect the mercury to rise. Safety officials say victims of heat exhaustion will exhibit certain symptoms.

"Difficulty breathing, they cannot perspire, they're very thirsty, they're disoriented they're going into a serious condition which we call shock," Watson said. 

...which can lead to cardiac arrest.

"If their temperature gets high enough, they can go into feveral seizures and actually have seizures," Adams said. 

When a person is suffering from heat exhaustion, the Red Cross advises using cold packs or ice wrapped in cloth to cool the parts of the body with the most blood circulation. When symptoms worsen, seek medical attention immediately. 

Safety officials advise not leaving children, pets or older citizens in a vehicle unattended, so they don't end up cooking.

Jen French, KTEN News