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Ground Breaking at Austin College

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SHERMAN, TX-  In Sherman, Friday morning, construction officially started at the ground breaking for the new IDEA Center at Austin College. 

It is a science building made especially to use less energy. And make a minimal impact in the environment. 

The building will let students be very hands on. They will be conducting research about solar energy and they even have plans of watching the weather on mars in the new observatory.

They've already started construction at Austin College, this isn't just going to be your ordinary state of the art science building. It will be a completely environmental friendly. With not just features the students can enjoy, but the Texoma community as well.

"We also offer classes for non-science majors and they'll be able to use these telescopes as well as the big one, but also the public. We are going to have public star parties regularly on campus that the public can come and look through the telescope that you just can't see with the naked eye or even with most telescopes these days," David Baker, Physics Professor, said.

Administration at Austin College wanted every student to be able to enjoy the building and experience everything it has to offer.

Larry Robinson is a recently retired physics professor, but has helped see this project all the way through. His ideas for the building came from a historical aspect as well as thinking into the future.

"We teach current science, what we think the future might be, but we also teach the history of science and some of the really interesting and neat ideas from the past filture into our courses this will be a real focal point for the building," Robinson said. 

"This is the groundbreaking for austin college thinking green idea center. So this really is something we've been working on for about a decade now and we are thrilled that this day has come," Bradley Smucker, Chemistry Professor, said.  

The building is planning on opening it's doors in summer 2013 and according to the science department the building will be one of a kind in our region.

Kylie Dixon, KTEN News