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Local Texas Election Results


Denison ISD Bond Election Proposition: The Insurance of $79,750,000 of bonds for Denison Independent School District for constructing and equipping a new high school and for renovations of existing school facilities, and levying the tax in payment thereof.

For: 2,175 votes Against: 1,988 votes  

Denison Council Member: PLACE 3          

Ken Brawley:80% Jerry Wrenn:20%

Howe ISD School Board Election: the 2 in bold won positions

Chris Hayes:43 votes, Brad Anderson:104 votes, Leonard Huntsman:109 votes

Pottsboro ISD School Board Election: The 3 in bold won positions on the school board.    

Sara Rutherford:177 votes, Jody Lipscomb:370 votes, Marquin Payne:263 votes, Jerry Bardwell: 224 votes,  Jack Barr:163 votes, Jim Copeland: 447 votes, John Bray: 130 votes

Van Alstyne Mayor Election:      

Kim DeMasters:219 votes, Ruth Ann Collins:174 votes

Van Alstyne Council Member: PLACE 4       

Adam Wise:187 votes,  A.C. Mosby:202 votes

Van Alstyne Council Member: PLACE 5       

Billy Plake:201 votes, Pat Patterson:193 votes

Van Alstyne ISD School Board Election: PLACE 3

Brian Rose:212 votes,  Van Ulrich:51 votes, Randall Morgan:268 votes

Van Alstyne ISD School Board Election: Place 4

Debbie Nance:282 votes,  Don Depree:70 votes, Russell Moore:191 votes

Bells Mayor Election: Gary Martin- won

Bells Council Member Election: Eric Malone- won

Bells ISD Trustee Election: the two in bold won positions

Todd Cathcart:84 votes, Gary Payne:148 votes, E.T. Pettit:187 votes

Gunter City Mayor:

Cliff Gibbs:83 votes,  Mark Merrill: 156 votes

Gunter City Council Pl 2:  

Bill Santee:81 votes, Sherri Morgan: 157

Gunter City Council Pl 4:

Jamie Penner: 78 votes, Leilani Holloway: 159 votes

Tioga Council Member Election:

Michelle Hestand: 56 votes  Robert "Mr. Bob" Haubold: 45 votes Curtis Byler: 32 votes

Tioga ISD School Board Election: Rick Dutton:6 votes, Paul Rodarmer:57 votes,  Humberto Perez:9 votes, Paula Friedel Byler:18 votes,  David Evans: 47 votes,  Matt Roberts:50 votes

For: 826 votes 
Against: 969 votes

Bonham Trustee Election
Chad Burnett:909 votes 
Charlotte Kearney:834 votes
Juanita Lance:636 votes
Lance Davis:1043 votes


Ward No. 1 John Burnett 589 votes

Ward No. 5 Joe W. Clark 355 votes

Michael S. Evans 445 votes

At-Large Wayne Moore 469 votes, Bill Jones 335 Total Votes

Mayor Roy V. Floyd 633 votes

Ward No. 3 H. Compton 632 votes

Sherman ISD Board Election: Trustee Place 6

Charles R. Leslie Jr: Lynn Mitchusson:

Sherman ISD Board Election: Trustee Place 7

Jim Taylor: Doug Walters:

Whitewright ISD Trustee Election:   

Tricia Danielle Ledane Bryan: Jennifer Cate: Nolan W. Smith: Julie Kepler Hames: Kelly Selman: