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UTV's in Oklahoma are legal on public streets now.


TEXOMA --  Did  you know that a new law has been passed in Oklahoma making it legal to drive utility vehicles on public streets? It's a change that has many residents who live around the lake very happy.

Residents we talked to said they're pleased with the new law even though it won't go in to effect until the fall. Originally only golf carts we're allowed on city streets. But residents at lakes like at Lake Texoma said the utility vehicles we're necessary to get to and from beach areas. Many folks with lake houses are retired and older and walking long distances is not an option. The new law is simple wherever golf carts are allowed that's where you can ride your utility vehicle. Those we talked today said there's a big difference between a UTV and an ATV and the distinction should have been noticed a long time ago.

Dennis Keim/Lake Resident says, "These all have lights, they have brakes and steering wheels and windshields and they're not hardly any different than riding a golf cart."

Residents say an added benefit of the UTV's is they help save on gas. It's important to remember the law does not take effect until November 1st so it will not affect this summer's beach activity.