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Water Tower Prank Gets Town Talking

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WILSON, OK--A high school senior prank has a Texoma town divided. It wasn't John Deere green, but it was enough to cover up the name Chuck Norris from his town of Wilson, Oklahoma. Meredith Saldana has more on this story.

Residents were out on main street today talking about the big prank.

The Wilson High School senior class climbed the water tower and hung a huge banner.

While most people aren't upset about it, some think it was a careless decision that could have proved tragic.

"I think it looks amazing. I think it's the coolest prank ever," said Kendra Gaither, senior at Wilson High School.

"I think it's awesome. It's something different," said Trixie Ridenour, who works in Wilson.

Did you know Wilson, Oklahoma is the hometown of Chuck Norris?

The water tower used to proudly display it, but after a senior prank over the weekend, it now says, "Hometown of Seniors 2011."

While many people joke about their fear of the ever famous Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, these Wilson teens proved they're not scared.

"I think it's neat what the seniors did and Chuck Norris is a thing of the past," said Ridenour. "We need to scratch that off, put something new, home of the Wilson Eagles or something."

It is definitely the talk of the town and we didn't find anyone that was mad about the prank.

Some residents did tell us it probably wasn't the safest prank for the teens involved.

"They do need to be made aware that that is a very dangerous thing and it could've been fatal for somebody," said Wilson resident Melissa Williams.

"It is dangerous, but everybody was okay. We made sure everyone was okay," said Gaither.

The question now: will the teens responsible be punished for their prank?

"It's just our prank, that's our prank. Surely, they won't get onto us. They'll never find out who did it," said Gaither.

Police do plan to find out who is responsible, but are not commenting about the charges the teens face.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News