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Tornado Leaves Path of Destruction in Madill


MADILL, OK--The damage from the storm moved through the Madill area first and caused some significant damage there. Thankfully, no injuries to report in that area, but Meredith Saldana found some folks who had a close call with the tornado.

Just one day after the storm and tornados, the wind is still blowing significantly hard in Madill.

We visited the Bigger house in Madill, Oklahoma where a brick wall collapsed during the tornado.

The Bigger family describes seeing the tornado coming and, just minutes later, there home lost an entire wall and a storage unit in the back.

They spent Friday most of the day trying to pick up the pieces.

The damage in Marshall County, Oklahoma is devastating, but for the Bigger family in Madill they knew they came so close to complete disaster.

"It was like there was some kind of weird pressure. You just felt real hard pressure on your ears and the house was rumbling like the roof was going to totally come off," said Tony Bigger. 

Flora Bigger and her family were outside watching the storm clouds roll in.

That's when her son, Tony, saw the twister form.

"We headed for the house in a hurry and barely got through the door and glass started hitting me in the back and I just fell to the floor [and] tried to stay down low until it was all over," he said.

"It wasn't two or three minutes, was it?" Flora asked her son Tony. "It was just real fast and then it was over."

After the terrifying experience, the Bigger's assessed the damage.

Before hitting the Bigger's home, the tornado carved a path of destruction.

Semi-trailers were no match for the tornado's strong winds and a barn, one of the few hay barns left in the county, was reduced to rubble.

The tornado's final spot was a familiar one--Buster McNatt's home on Buckhault Road.

It's the third time McNatt has seen tornado damage on his property.

"We can [rebuild] a house, but we can't save lives so, we're all right," he said.

Now the hard work of rebuilding begins for residents affected by one powerful storm.

Friday's high winds caused big problems for families across Texoma as they tried to find belongings and pick up the pieces from this devastating storm.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News