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Family Looking For Answers in Madill Man's Death

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK-- More questions than answers about the death of a man at Madill's Integris Marshall Memorial Medical Center. Investigators say he was tased by a Marshall County Deputy. His family says, he was only in the hospital because he was sick and they want some answers. Meredith Saldana  did some digging and has more on this story.     

The family says Johnny Leija originally went to Integris  for symptoms of pneumonia, but law enforcement says he became combative and was tased.    

He died shortly after, leaving many unanswered questions for the family.  

According to his family, Johnny Leija, 34, had been sick for about a week.    

Thursday morning, his wife Olivia Flores took him to Integris in Madill where she says he was diagnosed with pneumonia.    

Olivia says she left just before 3 o'clock, Thursday afternoon, to pick up her children from school.  

She returned a few hours later to find out things had gone terribly wrong.

"While they were pushing him into another room they were pumping his chest and I'm like why are they doing that to him," says Flores. "What is wrong with him and she (the nurse) wouldn't tell me and I said is he going to die, is he not breathing? And she's like no, he's not breathing."   

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations is still investigating, but they tell us Leija became combative which led to him being tased by a Marshall County Deputy.

O.S.B.I. Spokeswoman Jessica Brown says, "They used less than lethal means to subdue him, during that he was tased, he died there at the scene. Obviously doctors tried to revive him during that time and they were unsuccessful."    

But Olivia says when she left her husband's side just hours before the incident, he was very weak.

"I had to help him use the restroom sitting down and to be violent requires strength. Strength he did not have when I left," says Flores.

She says Johnny was a devoted father of three, who was not violent.

"He would just walk away. He wasn't a violent person."    

While autopsy results will confirm the cause of death, the family believes the taser was to blame.    

For now, the Marshall County Sheriff's Office, Madill Police and Integris Hospital are not commenting while the investigation is ongoing.    

Meanwhile, the Leija family says they're grieving the loss of a beloved family member. 

"The last thing that we said to each other was I told him I was going to go pickup the kids from school and he goes I love you. I told him I love you, too and I gave him a kiss and I told him I'll be back, I promise I'll be back," says Flores.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office tells us the results of Mr. Leija's autopsy won't be complete until possibly Monday.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News