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Winter Weather Brings More Insurance Claims

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TEXOMA - Insurance agencies respond to different types of vehicle claims throughout the year depending on the weather.  The slippery pavement this week has kept their phones ringing but they're responding to a different kind of call.  

An insurance agent says fewer people are braving the highways and those who do are taking it slow.  There have been a number of drivers who have slipped off the roads, into road signs, or into other vehicles.

According to insurance agent Renee Martin,  "In the snow, we see different types of claims than we would see in your everyday rainy weather [or] normal weather." 

Steve Garner with Blake Utter Ford says, "With our without the storm this month we've had a really good month in our body shop in January. So, insurance work is probably 80 to 90 percent of the business we do in our body shop."   

A service manager says that it's the time of the year when they get the most minor collisions.

A local insurance agent says drivers should consider full coverage over liability insurance to prevent a possible accident from turning into a financially draining situation. 

Jen French, KTEN News