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Flu Cases on the Rise in Oklahoma

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK - Oklahoma health officials say flu cases are rising fast in the state with 77 hospitalizations in just two weeks. Ashley Prchal reports.

"My mom's a nurse and she sees what can happen if you don't get them," says Brittney Jackson, mother of two.

Jackson knows just how important it is to get her family their flu shots.

"It can turn into pneumonia or a fever can get to high," says Jackson.

And Jackson isn't willing to take those risks with her little ones.

"It was easy and quick. No side effects," says Jackson.

Jackson was smart, because now in the prime of flu season, many Oklahomans are making their way to the emergency room.

"With the elevated cases of flu, it's important that you get the shot band make sure you're not one of the victims of this virus," says Jeremie Fischer, spokesperson for the Bryan County Health Department.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is reporting that 77 Oklahomans were hospitalized for influenza in the past two weeks.

"It's a virus and is transmitted through hands on things like door knobs," says Fischer.

And the department also says a lot of the people being hospitalized are under the age of eighteen.

"The transmission is especially high in the winter months," says Fischer.

Influenza is also especially dangerous for infants and the elderly. So  if you haven't already, health officials say it's time to get your flu shot.

"Everyone should get it so they're not transmitting it," says Fischer.

Something Jackson agrees with.

"It's just important that as many people who can get it, get it because it spreads fast," says Jackson.

Local health departments have flu shots available for $25 and there is also a pay scale available if you can't afford that.

In the meantime, health officials suggest staying away from anyone who appears sick and regularly washing your hands.