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Soup Kitchen Feeds Less Mouths Because of Extreme Weather

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SHERMAN, TX - Monday's poor road conditions kept kids home from school and employees absent from work, but that's not all. A local soup kitchen says they saw a decrease in the number of folks coming in for a free lunch.

The Grand Central Station Dining Car serves nearly 60 folks on a daily basis, but staff say Monday, they only saw 28 folks coming in for the daily free lunch. That's half of the number of plates they normally hand out.

Phyllis Hicks, kitchen supervisor, says cold and slushy conditions on Monday deterred some of their regulars from driving or walking over to the soup kitchen in Sherman. Staff is hoping now that the streets are in better condition, they'll see more people taking advantage of a free meal and a warm spot to defrost.

"Hopefully people will be able to get around and get here to eat. So we're planning as the week goes by to have more normal numbers," says Hicks.

Staff at the soup kitchen say they not only feel the need to feed folks, but they also want to keep everyone warm. So Hicks says even before lunch is served, they'll open the doors to anyone who wants to get out of these cold temperatures.

Grand Central Station Dining Car is located at 110 South Throckmorton in Sherman. Monday through Friday staff serve lunch beginning at 11:30 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m. No paperwork is needed, just your John Hancock so staff can monitor how many folks their feeding.