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Four Candidates for Denison City Manager Announced

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DENISON, TX--Denision will soon have a new city manager. Monday, the four finalists were announced.

All four candidates have served as city managers---or assistant mangers--in Texas before.

Interviews are scheduled to start Monday January 24th.

Each will be given a tour of the city and have dinner with a council member.

"To me, the other most important thing is how they fit," Robert Brady said, Denison Mayor. "You can look on a piece of paper but if you don't have the attitude or personality--or if you're not able to blend in."

A decision is expected to be made before early February.

Jen French, KTEN News



Jeff Howell, City Manager of Kilgore, TX

Alan Barnes, City Manager of Sachse, TX

Mike Sims, Assistant City Manager of Terrell, TX

Robert Hanna, Assistant City Manager of Weatherford, TX