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Hardware Store Advises Weatherizing Home

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SHERMAN, TX--The roads may be icy, but what about the house? Not weatherizing the home can lead to disaster. One local hardware store says that their winter supplies are selling off the shelves fast.

It only happens once or twice a year in Texoma--snow, but when it does, not being ready could mean frozen pipes or a slippery sidewalk.

"We've been winterizing for quite some time now, but especially when you get weather like this, we sell a lot of ice melt, pipe wrap insulation, faucet covers, all of those things," Jody Herrel said, Lowes Manager. "Anything to help keep the cold outside...We've had several churches that have bought quite a few bags--some hospitals have purchased quite a few bags. So, making  sure that we're keeping everybody safe."

Though the snowy weather may only be brief, hardware store employees say that keeping exposed pipes protected could prevent a visit from the plumber.

Jen French, KTEN News