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Hearing Set on Off-road Vehicle Use at Lake Texoma

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LAKE TEXOMA -- The use of certain off-road vehicles, including golf carts, is a hot topic.  So the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has scheduled a listening forum this weekend.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports.

The Corps of Engineers says a forum Saturday is about just listening to resident's opinions regarding off-road vehicle use at the lake.  But those who live out there worry they could soon loose access to certain areas.  If you listen to Joseph McDaniel, being able to use certain types of off-road vehicles, especially golf carts, is the only way some of his friends can access certain areas of Lake Texoma.  McDaniel said, "It's dumb.  It's absolutely dumb.  We have 42-acres here, 89 home sites and probably 95-percent of them have a golf cart or an ATV and that's how we get around on our property."  However, if you listen to the Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the lake, off-road vehicle use is destroying land and tearing up the shoreline.  "Depending on where you are around the lake there is significant damage, riparian zone issues, damage to our ecology, damage to our natural vegetation," said BJ Parkee with the Corps of Engineers.  But Zoe Lyons, who lives near the lake, believes there's room for compromise.  She said, "I know that it's a sad problem for kids to get out on their 4-wheelers and stuff and tear up the beach.  That's not a good thing.  We need to be environmentally friendly, but the elderly people have a right to enjoy the lake too."  And the wide range of opinions is exactly why Parkee says Saturday's meeting is necessary.  "We'd like to get public comment of how we're going to be able to develop guidelines and how we accommodate those individuals with disabilities or also those individuals who like to volunteer or would like to drive down and help us out and keep the shoreline clean," Parkee said.  If you're interested in voicing your input, the meeting is Saturday morning at the Enos Community Center.  That's at 1356 Post Oak Rd. in Enos, OK.  The meeting starts at 10 am.