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Gas Prices Soar in Texoma

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TEXOMA--Gas prices continue to skyrocket across the country and Texoma is no exception.

AAA reports the average price for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline hovering around $2.90 in Oklahoma.

That's up over thirty cents a gallon since November.

Oklahoma remains under the national average of nearly $3.00 a gallon, but folks we talked to in Ardmore today said they're felling the pinch.

"I have five kids and it takes a lot of gas money to fill [my car] up. It's like $60 to $75 dollars just to fill this up," said Rachel Tyner.

"Yeah it hurts," said Larry Dewitt, "it hurts the pocket book that's for sure."

If you live in Texas, you're seeing the high prices too.

The average for regular unleaded sits at just over $2.90 a gallon.

Luke Small, KTEN News