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ME Rules Denison Man's Death a Homicide

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DENISON, TX -- A homicide is being investigated by the Grayson County District Attorney. In this particular case, though, it doesn't necessarily mean there will be criminal charges. Deeda Payton has the story.

An autopsy for a Denison man shot and killed three months ago was just completed by the Collin County Medical Examinar. It found the cause of death to be homicide meaning someone else pulled the trigger, but whether it was an accident or on purpose is now for the district attorney to sort out.

You may remember this case, 25-year-old Bryan Turner died of a gunshot wound on October tenth at a home in the 300 block of West Sears.

While it is believed to be an accident, District Attorney Joe Brown says it is being investigated as a homicide because the gun discharged in the hands of another person. "We're still reviewing the facts of the case. There are elements of a potential accident, but there's also elements of recklessness or intent. It's just yet to be determined. We'll interview all the witnesses and we'll make a determination in the coming weeks," said Brown.

Brown says the final decision on whether a crime was committed will be made by a grand jury.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.