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Texoma Navy Veteran "Pays it Forward" to Fort Hood Soldiers

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PRESTON, TX--There's one group that may be overlooked during the holidays, especially if they're overseas. A Texoma navy veteran decided to give back to soldiers--some who have just returned from Iraq barely a year ago--by taking them on a fishing trip.

Navy Veteran Jerry Dorsey decided he wanted to help men and women stationed at Fort Hood in the army. He took 40 soliders to Lake Texoma to go fishing.

Getting away from base for a weekend, one soldier says, is a gift that she'll remember.

"We appreciated everything because it turned out to be way more than we expected it to be. The staff has been--I mean--phenomenal," Anita Hunt said, army soldier. "They have been great. I would do it again."

KTEN and our sister station ABC Texoma have a special report on these soldiers and Anita's story for the Sunday newscasts. Stay tuned.

Jen French, KTEN News