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EDITORIAL: A Message from Craig Marrs About Upcoming Solider Funeral Protest

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A message from Craig Marrs, KTEN General Manager

You know, all kinds of news stories come across our desks here at KTEN. One that has had a lot of attention in the last year or so are these so-called protests of soldier funerals by a radical church based in Kansas. We here at KTEN, in order to honor and appreciate those who have given their life and limb for our country in the Military Service, like Sergeant Jason McCluskey, have made a decision not to give these alleged protests any coverage.

There will be a publicity grabbing protest in our area this weekend. We will not be granting this story any further coverage. Our belief is that this is a headline grabbing ploy which dishonors the belief systems of most of our viewers.

We support our troops and will not dishonor them or their memory by granting such a fringe element the oxygen of publicity that they seek.

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Craig Marrs
KTEN General Manager