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Mercy Health Care Goes Hi Tech

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ARDMORE, OK-- Did you ever think that you could manage your health online? Meredith Saldana has more on how a Texoma health care group is using the Internet  to communicate with patients.  

Mercy Memorial Health Center has launched a free online service that lets patients track their health history.       

Many Americans have turned to the Internet for everything from banking to renting movies.     

Now, even your doctor's office is just a click away.  

"Its really easy. Its just point and click," says Mercy patient Peggy Blount.

She's talking about a new online service called MyMercy.

It's a way for patients and doctors to communicate, without all the usual hassles.  

"In the past, you have to call and then you have to wait, you know, on hold while you get the nurse or the doctor and sometimes the nurse or doctor's not available, so you sit there on hold," says Blount.

This free program allows patients to schedule doctor appointments, view lab results, renew prescriptions and even contact your doctor online.

"This way you just type it in, go on, and then you get an email back stating that you have a new message in there, you can go in there and look and there's your information," says Blount.

For medical personnel the service allows them to spend more time with patients and less time returning phone calls.  

Mercy Physician Assistant Andrew Arends says, "Oh absolutely, yeah, it's just a point and click and you can do 3,4, or 5 patients in the time it would take to do one on the phone. So I mean it's very much speeding up patient care and quality of care because you're able to do more patients in that same amount of time."

And don't worry, if you're not computer savvy, doctors and patients say you don't have to be.

"If you have any knowledge of computers it should be very easy to pick up," says Arends.

Blount adds, "There's little icons you know and the wording is very clear, it's bright it's just great."

Here's another perk, if you have to visit another Mercy hospital out of town or even out of state, all of your information will be on MyMercy for your primary care physician to access back at home.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News