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Denison Hosts "Fine Art Tour"

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DENISON, TX--Downtown Denison was full of color this weekend. The works of several artists were on display, some even giving live demonstrations of how they paint or sculpt.

"For me it just provides hands on and its also real," Robert Ostman said, ceramic artist. "It's a form. You know, it's three dimensional, it's not something you can hang up on the wall or look at but something you can touch--especially with functional work. It's something you actually use. It can be very intimate and personal."

The mugs, Robert Ostman said, can be used once they're fired. Ceramics, sculptures and paintings lined walls of galleries for the Denison Fall Fine Art Tour Saturday and Sunday.  

Jerry Tate has been working with cars for years, but recently decided to recycle the parts and make them into something new.

"Basically just start from the bottom and go up and I find a place that I can use I just incorporate in it," Jerry Tate said, sculptor.

What once were ball joints is now a statue of a Greek muse.

"It's very satisfying--especially when other people see something in it also," Tate said. "It's really gratifying to have somebody come back and enjoy the piece as much as you do when you're making it."

The colors in Michael Waterman's glass pieces don't come from paint or dyes. When the pieces are heated to thousands of degrees, the material naturally gets an iridescent color.     

"When you open up the kelm door after about 12 hours in there that you never know what is really going to happen and then you see that there are some happy accidents and some that are not quite so happy," Michael Waterman said, glass artist. 

For Waterman, the only thing more rewarding than looking at his work, is making it.

"I put on some music and it's just myself and developing what I'm trying to create and cut the glass and get the colors out that I want, put them together and the put them into the kelm and just pray it's going to come out the way I want it to," Waterman said. 
The 15th Annual Art Festival also featured modern to traditional styles, including photography, drawing, painting, jewelry and printmaking. 

Jen French, KTEN News