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High School Students Learn How to Solve a Crime Scene

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DENISON, TX--Parts of Grayson County college looked like a crime scene Thursday. However, behind the police tape were high school students. They were learning how to investigate a crime scene.

If only crimes could be solved in an hour long television episode, but some Denison High School students are learning otherwise.

"Things take a lot longer than they show on TV," Austin Nichols said, Denison High School student. "The investigations, finding the criminals, things of that nature. Just not as fast as they are in Hollywood."

If high school senior Rachel Schroeder saw a bloody body on a classroom floor--she said--she'd probably panic.

"Might freak out, shut the door and run as far away from the building as possible then call someone. (laughs)" Rachel Schroeder said, Denison High School student. 

Denison High School forensic science students learned what it takes to investigate a crime scene. Senior Halley Allen likes photography, but she doesn't plan taking just fun photographs for a living.

"This is probably worth more than any other pictures you would take at like a football game or whatever because this could have a factor on someone's life," Haley Allen said, Denison High School student.  

The Grayson County College Criminal Justice Club held its 8th annual competition to see who could figure out "Who done it." Many participating high school students said that they're seriously considering a career in criminal justice.

"This isn't the actual real world stuff, but it kinda gets their feet wet and kinda lets them understand," Daniel Cueva said, Grayson County College Criminal Justice Club President.

After practicing with air soft guns, investigating a "bloody body" and taking a written test, Schroeder said that if she runs into a messy scene, she'll know what to do.

"If I'm at a crime scene, I'll probably be able to handle it better than if I never did a run through," Schroeder said.

In a few years, these students could be protecting the streets.

Jen French, KTEN News

*Law and Order Video Courtesy of Youtube