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Time to Sign up For Toy Give-A-Way in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- Families in need of help this Christmas can start signing up for a Toy Give-A-Way in Sherman. Deeda Payton reports.

Since 1992, Fairview Baptist Church has hosted a toy drive and give-a-way for local families during the holiday season. What makes their program so special is that children three months to 20 years are eligible, and parents get to choose their children's toys.

Director, Sharon Howe, says last year they helped about 500 families celebrate Christmas. "Then the parents actually get to shop and pick the toys out that they want for their children. We give them play money according to the age of the children."

To sign up, families must bring their driver's license, children's birth certificate or school ID and proof that children live in the home.

Families have until November 16th to sign up.

Sign up dates:
Thursday, November 4,11 (4-6pm)
Thursday, Nov 2,9,16 (4-6pm)
Saturday, Nov 6,13 (10am-1pm)
Last day: Thursday, Nov 16 (4-8pm)

Contact the church office with any questions. 903.892.3543

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.