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Cub Scouts Fundraising Leads to 'Honey and Feather'

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ARDMORE,OK--We see kids selling candy or popcorn for fundraisers all the time but one Texoma Cub Scout group may have topped them all.

Cub Scout Master for Pack Nine in Ardmore was doused in honey and feathers on Monday night.

The reason: the pack raised nearly seven thousand dollars through popcorn sales--smashing their set goal of six thousand dollars.

For their hard work, the kids were allowed to cover their Cub Master in honey and feathers.

That Cub Master Stacey Goodson said it was well worth it.

"This is a big accomplishment because this is the first year that Pack Nine has been here and its only seven kids doing their best and that's their motto is doing their best," said Goodson.

Like Goodson said, there are only seven kids in the pack all ranging from 1st through 5th graders.

The kids worked several hours a day for three weekends to raise the money.

Luke Small, KTEN News