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Before Elections, More Campaign Signs Expected to Pop Up

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GRAYSON COUNTY--It's ok to decorate the front yard with them, but maybe not your neighbors' or the public park. With elections nearing, political supporters may be tempted to put campaign signs just about anywhere.     

The clock is ticking for many local political candidates, meaning you may be seeing more campaign signs on the side of the road...but the red white and blue can't go just anywhere. They may be ok in the yard, but they're not ok on public property.

"So it's a problem and in all fairness to the candidates, a lot of times it's just their overzealous supporters," Tony Beaverson said, former chairman for the Grayson County Democrats.

Campaign signs can't obstruct traffic signs, be put on government property or be anywhere that could jeopardize public safety. Even when they're in the yard, they sill have to be at least 10 feet away from the neighbor's property.

"The county tries to be sure signs are not within the roadways, otherwise you'd have signs from everywhere," Tom Christman said, Grayson County Republican Party Chairman.

On election day, any campaigning material--including signs--must be 100 feet away from a polling place. 

"And also, that's true for campaigning so even a candidate has to stay 100 feet away from the polling site," Beaverson said.

Before the polls close, some overzealous supporters may be tempted to steal signs.

"I had a sign for every candidate--Republican candidate--and one morning I go up there to get my paper and all my signs are gone, but that's not an uncommon thing unfortunately. There are a lot of signs that are taken," Christman said.

Candidates typically pay for the signs, which can be found at a local republican or democrat headquarters.

"I just encourage everyone tomorrow to get out and exercise their right to vote," Christman said.

If a sign is stolen, a replacement can be found at the county republican or democrat headquarters.

Jen French, KTEN News