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Voters Turn Out for Early Voting in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA--Early voting in Oklahoma started on Friday--and lots of people took advantage of the early start.

Long lines were seen at the Carter County Election Board office on Friday morning.

Officials say its best to know what's on the ballot this time around with so many state questions--and remember look on both sides of the ballot.

"It required the voters to study a little bit before they got here, but if you read the measures and you thought about them, you we're prepared to come and vote today and make a pretty quick process out of it," said early voter Ed Frock.

"I'm a nurse at the hospital and I wanted to be sure and get my vote in, because I can't leave work during voter times so I went ahead and came on now," said early voter Linda Campbell.

Voters early voted through Monday at their local election board office.

Luke Small, KTEN News