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Seminar Helps Mentally Ill Patients

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DENISON, TX--Going through daily activities may be harder for some than others, and the mentally ill deal with challenges daily that many don't. That's why several licensed practitioners spent the day talking to mentally ill patients about how to cope.

Licensed social workers and mental health professionals held seminars at Grayson County college Thursday, addressing ways to cope with a mental illness. 

Speakers talked to members of the National Association for the Mentally Ill.

"A lot of times, individuals with mental ill problems tend to isolate themselves," Dan McCaig said, licensed social worker. "They tend to withdraw and even though they may have had those skills and used them very well some time ago, if they withdraw too long, those are skills they can loose sometimes."

Topics included spiritual training, substance abuse dangers, and proper social skills.

Jen French, KTEN News