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Therapy Dog Helps Texoma Boy to Overcome Tragedy

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CARTER COUNTY,OK--Now to a story of a Texoma boy who's shown so much courage and determination after an unthinkable tragedy.

Meredith Saldana has the very latest on his progress and his new form of therapy.

Four years ago Conner McDougall was in a car accident with his dad and brother.

He was the only one to survive.

Since then he's been a fighter and has stolen Texoma's heart.

Today, he's trucking along defying all odds and watch out Southern Oklahoma, he has a new partner in crime.

Her name is Faith and weeks ago she was a stray.

Today, however, she's a therapy dog.

"Oh its fabulous because for one we're saving the dog's life and also we know that this dog is then going to go on and pay it forward, as it were, to then help someone else in need," said Kim Morgan with High Plains Service Dogs.

"I think its going to be a great incentive for him that if I move my arm I can pet the dog or I can give the dog a treat," said Sonya Hunter, Conner's mom.

Just days ago, Conner's mom shot video of him petting a dog for the first time since the accident.

"I was in tears, that was an awesome experience that night," Hunter said. "I wasn't expecting to see him do that, so it's pretty awesome to see him want to move and try to pet the dog."

Conner's mom says choosing their dog's name was an easy decision.

"Because it goes perfect with what we've been through, you know, if I hadn't had faith this whole time in my life since the accident happened we wouldn't be where we're at today. So faith is just a perfect name for our situation."

Faith will not only serve as a companion for Conner.

She will also be trained to alert his mom if he has a seizure or if his monitors sound.

Faith should be finished with her training with High Plains Service Dogs in a couple of months and will then move in with Conner and his family.

If you would like to help High Plains cover the costs for Faith the dog, They'll be having a fundraiser dog and car wash Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Advanced Care Medical equipment on Rockford Road in Ardmore.

For more information, you can visit the High Plains website at

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News