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Mannsville Family Surprised by Earthquake

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MANNSVILLE, OK-- The 5.1 earthquake was felt across the state of Oklahoma. Our phones lit up just after 9 O'clock, Wednesday morning, with viewers telling us what they experienced when it happened. Meredith Saldana met with a family in Mannsville, Oklahoma, she has more on what they went through.

Brenda Morphet and her daughter-in-law Shannon Forrest spent the morning together at the kitchen table, making tickets for the Mannsville school carnival.

It was a quiet morning, until the chandelier above them starting swaying and the refrigerator started shaking.

"We were doing the tickets and started hearing the noise over there and I asked her, I said, what is that," says Brenda Morphet. "So she gets up and goes and looks and then we were making our jokes and then she screams from the bedroom, it's an earthquake."

The scream came from Brenda's daughter Krista Morphett.

She was sleeping when the earthquake hit but says she knew immediately what it was.

"I felt like the whole room going back and forth and the mirror was moving back and forth. I didn't know what to think at first and then I was like, oh wow, it's gotta be an earthquake," says Krista Morphett.

Despite Krista's explanation, her mother felt an earthquake was too out of the ordinary for Oklahoma.

"We didn't even go outside to look. Like I said, we didn't believe her. I had no reason to believe it was, because this is tornado country," says Brenda Morphett.

 Her daughter Krista adds, "Well the washer wasn't on, so I knew it wasn't the washer. So it just kinda clicked in my head."

Although it was a scary situation for people across Texoma, now, it's just a cool story to tell. 

Shannon Forrest says, "No, I have not been in an earthquake before. I thought it was cool."

We also spoke with Carter County Emergency Management officials as well as the City of Ada, both had reports of the quake but thankfully neither area had reports of damage.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News