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Bryan County First Responders Recognized

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BRYAN COUNTY--When disaster strikes, they're the ones first to the scene. Bryan County citizens are making sure that they're recognized.

Bryan County citizens and First United Methodist Church honored first responders Saturday at the Market Square in Durant. 

Locals were invited to meet their police, fire and emergency medical services to ask them questions.

"Couple weeks ago we had the big rain and I know there was a lot of flooding--my car actually stalled out and first thing I did was make a call to the police department for them to come help and just knowing that we could do that--knowing that someone's ready to help--was just a big comfort," Greg Tolle said, First United Methodist Church Reverend.

"It's better to know what your services are locally--because any emergency starts locally," James Dalton, Bryan County Emergency Management Director said. "I don't care how small it is or how big it gets--it starts locally and it's going to end locally."

First responders have been honored before, but this is the first effort to include the entire county.

Jen French, KTEN News