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Harley Riders Rev their Engines in Ardmore Rally

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ARDMORE,OK--Bikers, bikers and more bikers--roaring through texoma this weekend. It's the annual Oklahoma Hog Rally and it's being held this year in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Meredith Saldana has more on this story.

It was a beautiful day to take a cruise and out of towners tell me they're excited to be spending the weekend on their bikes.

This weekend the Ardmore streets will be rumbling with the sweet sound of Harley engines. 

"We're expecting over 1,000 motorcycles in town this weekend." said Donna Hingtgen, Hog Rally Coordinator. "We have people from everywhere. You would be surprised, Kentucky, Missouri, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, I mean they come from all over the place."

Their engines may be loud but you can expect that sound to translate into dollars for the local economy.

"This is money that's not in your community already. We're going to spend it at the gas stations, the restaurants, the grocery stores, parts, you name it. I mean you'd be surprised," said Hingtgen.

Many bikers will agree the Ardmore area is the perfect place to hop on their hogs and enjoy the scenery in Southern Oklahoma.

"I am from Oklahoma so I like it down around this part especially around Lake Murray and this part of the neck of the woods. So I like it when the rally comes back around this way," said bike rider Diana Hansmeyer.

"I enjoy the ride to scenic 77 around Lake Murray's a good little ride, close, don't take very long. It's a good ride to do," said Otis Mooney, with his wife Jodi.

While everyone is hear to check out the bikes, the friendly atmosphere adds to the experience.

"Riding with all the friends and make new friends and partying and stuff like that," said Harold Hansmeyer.

Of course, with all the extra traffic on the roads, the riders say being cautious is the best way to enjoy the weekend.

"So just keep an eye out for the bikes because a lot of times you're looking for a car and you don't think about that motorcycle and it's real easy to oversee that motorcycle so be cautious," said Hingtgen.

They will be having a parade through Ardmore Saturday evening.

It starts at 5 p.m. at the convention center and will go through downtown Ardmore.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News