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Walk and Roll Day at Durant ISD

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DURANT, OK -- Students in Durant walked and biked to school Wednesday, not just because the weather was nice, but because today is International Walk to School Day. Deeda Payton spoke to students at Washington Irving Elementary about what it all means.

The day was created to encourage students to walk or ride their bikes to school rather than drive to promote not only a healthy lifestyle, but an environmentally-friendly way to get to and from school.

Walk and roll, that's what students at Washington Irving Elementary School did Wednesday. "Walk and Roll To School" is the theme teachers at Durant ISD came up with to correspond with International Walk to School Day. "We have several that walk to and from school and we just feel like it just makes for a better environment," said teacher, Roxanne Adams.

Students, parents and teachers put on their athletic shoes and put away the car keys in an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle. "What we're encouraging them to play more, get outside, run and play and exercise," said Adams.

The first and second graders seemed to get the message. "It feels like you're getting a lot of exercise and saving earth," said first grader, Isabella Anderson. "I think we should spend more time out exercising and less time watching TV," said second grader, Tucker Rumer.

When given an opportunity to stretch their legs and let their happy feet go wild, the little ones actually seem to prefer play time to couch time. Teachers hope the idea of walk and roll will follow them as they grow up and make them happy, healthier adults.

For more information on International Walk to School Day visit   http://www.walktoschool-usa.org/  

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.