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Update on Possible Layoffs in Caney School District

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CANEY, OK --  New information about possible layoffs in the Caney, OK school district.  KTEN's Chris Severy explains. 

Tuesday night we told you that thirteen Caney School District employees believed they were being laid off.  But it turns out, that's not exactly the case, at least not yet.  KTEN talked to Caney Superintendent Dr. Sheryl Barnett on Wednesday.  She confirmed she has been meeting individually with non-certified district employees.  Those would be employees who are not under contract like support staff.  She said she's informing them of the budget crisis facing the district and that one of the solutions to that crisis might mean eliminating their jobs.  If the district decided to do that, the affected employees would receive a certified letter giving them ten business days to appeal to the school board.  If they choose to appeal, they will then be granted a public hearing before the board to plead their case as to why their position shouldn't be eliminated.  As for why the district is facing such a serious budget shortfall, Dr. Barnett says the State of Oklahoma cut funding to the district this year by some $600,000 dollars, and they are trying to overcome those cuts.  Again, no official layoffs in the Caney School District just yet.  But it is definitely an option on the table as the district battles these budget woes.  The next school board meeting is this coming Monday, October 11th.  Of course, we'll follow up and have all the details for you. 

--Chris Severy, KTEN News