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State Investigating Salmonella Case in Carter County

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CARTER COUNTY,OK--Health officials continue to look into a possible salmonella outbreak in Oklahoma--and confirmed one of those possible cases in Carter County.

State officials say they are investigating seventeen cases of salmonella in three counties including Carter County.

Officials say they are focused on the cases in other counties, but say its still possible all the cases could be related.

In the meantime, officials say its all in the timing to determine if you have salmonella.

"It can be as early as six hours once you injest enough salmonella to make you sick. It can be as short as six hours or as long as seventy-two hours which is rarely the case. So if within that window you don't show any infection then I'm not worried about it," said Clarizza Carroll, District Nurse Manager for the Carter County Health Department.

The symptoms include diarrhea, headaches, muscle aches, and others.

Officials say to avoid salmonella you should always wash your hands, cook food properly, and avoid cross-contamination.

Luke Small, KTEN News