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Family Hopes to Get Home Before Christmas, Thanks to Habitat

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SHERMAN, TX--It's the ultimate holiday gift. Grayson County's Habitat for Humanity broke ground for it's 22nd home. For this family, it's the first one they can call their own.

Angela Lindsey and her daughter sleep in the same room. By Christmas, they may no longer have to.

"It's going to mean just--owning a home that I never thought I was going to be able to do," Angela Lindsey said. "I just never thought it was going to be possible. Right now, me and my daughter share a room and my son has his own room, and so I'm just so excited to have my own room."

Grayson County's Habitat for Humanity raised the wall for its 22nd home Saturday. The future walls will separate the bedrooms of Lindsey and her kids.

"Never thought it was possible, and the homes that I would qualify for were always run-down homes. They just cost too much to fix up that I just never have--I just never thought it was possible to own a home," Lindsey said.

Lindsey has helped build two other Habitat homes. She's now working on her own, which she hopes will be completed by December 19th.     

"Yes. I'm very excited," Lindsey said. "We'll have our first Christmas in a home."

A former renter, Lindsey's excited to finally have her own lawn. She plans on her son to do the mowing.

"It's going to be just wonderful," Lindsey said. "It's going to be doing yard work, and you know, keeping up and painting. I'm just so excited and thrilled. I can't wait."

"To have the possibility of owning their own home," Laurie Mealy said, Executive Director of Grayson County's Habitat for Humanity. "Having a place to celebrate holidays, having a place to call your own--having a place to plant a garden in the back."

The foundation is a new beginning for Lindsey.

"Not a home of our own," Lindsey said. "We've always rented, so we'll be real excited."

The Christmas present for this family won't be able to fit under a tree. Instead, they'll have to put the tree inside.

Lindsey said she's spent the past two years investing more than 100 hours on other Habitat homes. Habitat for humanity plans on dedicating the home after its completion Sunday December 19th.

Jen French, KTEN News