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Special Olympics Comes to Ardmore for Bowling Fun

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ARDMORE,OK--Last week we showed you some special Olympians in Ardmore having some fun bowling at an activity day.

Special Olympics of south central Oklahoma was back today, along with some volunteers, ready to bring some joy to some special athletes.

Here's their story in their own words.

"We're here for Special Olympics," said athlete Chris Howell.

"This event means a lot to the athletes," said Harold Muse, Area Director for Special Olympics, "this is maybe the one day of the year that they actually get out of the school and get to go do something. This is a great day for the athletes."

"I am really good at bowling," Howell said.

"I love bowling a lot. I love it very much. I am going to make my cousin proud and my brother proud," said Dermdrick Easterwood.

"Some of them are able to keep their own score. They know how their doing; they know when they've done well. So, yes, its amazing what the athletes can do at these events," said Muse.

Muse added that, "The main help that we get for the athletes would be our volunteers."

"We are the cheerleaders and the encourages." said Dayna Stephens. "They come out just to cheer on the special Olympians, help where they're needed and mainly just offer hugs and cheers. It's a great time."

"It makes me happy when they're happy," said volunteer Kammie Pace, "cause they're just as good anybody else."

"I have many students that were here last week wanted to come back this week," said Stephens

"I like to see them get happy and I want to help them," said Pace.

Eight schools were represented at the activity day from around the Oklahoma area.

The volunteers were from the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center.

Luke Small, KTEN News