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Texoma Prepares for the Red River Rivalry

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SHERMAN, TX -- Longhorns and Sooners, the Red River Rivalry is just three days away. Local businesses are scrambling to make sure they're ready for the fans who are planning to watch the big game from their favorite watering hole. Deeda Payton reports.

Buffalo Wild Wings says this game draws huge crowds. It's their busiest day second only to the Superbowl.

On Saturday the whole restaurant will be filled. "We get here early, we get here prepared and we get ready for a big day and the crowd doesn't disappoint," said Buffalo Wild Wings employee, Jeremy Hudson.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Sherman expects hundreds of screaming wing eatin', beer drinkin' football fans for the red river rivalry. "You can feel it, if you feel energy at all you'll feel it that day," said Hudson.

Now Buffalo Wild Wings is known for its wings, in fact, they sell thousands of these little wings everyday, but Saturday for Texas-OU they're going to sell a quarter of a ton, but you know what it's really hard to say Red River Rivalry with a mouthful of wings.

This weekend Texas and Oklahoma will meet for the 105th time. In Texoma, everyone's got a favorite team, and the phrase blood is thicker than water doesn't mean anything on game day. Fans either bleed burnt orange or crimson and cream. 

And, Buffalo Wild Wings isn't the only show in town. You can bet every seat in Texoma in front of a TV that is will be filled. "We got 12 flat screens in the building. I got extra wait staff on and on duty for the game on Saturday. I gota bunch of free food coming, free fajitas, free bratwurst we're ready to rock n' roll." Jake Knight is the owner of the Rendezvous Club in Sherman,and he isn't the least bit shy when it comes to picking a side. "Hook 'em horns," said Knight.

Whether you throw your horns up or scream boomer sooner, your local watering holes are ready for you and the Red River Rivalry.

Kick off is at 2:30 Saturday afternoon on ABC Texoma.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.