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Police Help Retired Officer in Need of Heart Transplant

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SHERMAN, TX--Texoma policemen and women are teaming up to help one retired officer get a heart transplant. They consider him family.

About a decade ago, this would have been officer Billy Stigger. Someone who kept Sherman streets safe. 

"I had to get sick before I got serious about being sick, and as a result I lost my job because I was sick," Billy Stigger said, retired Sherman Police Officer. "I took my health for granted and we never should do that."

After 17 years of service, retired officer Billy Stigger gets to see his colleagues train, but this time it's from the sidelines. They're not working--they're actually raising money to help Stigger get a heart transplant--one shot at a time. 

"I think it's just what we do," Carl Hudman said, Sherman Police Lieutenant. "It's just you take care of family. Billy is family." 

Stigger was diagnosed in 2001, and was forced to retire due to health. He has lost family to the same heart condition.    

"I lost my brother last year to had congestive heart failure," Stigger said. "I lost my father at the age of 46 because of congestive heart failure." 

His wife has stuck by his side.

"Right now he has intravenously IV pump in his arm--24 hours, 7 days a week," Robin Stigger said, Billy's spouse. "I change that medicine out and the  machine every three days."

Though Dallas doctors expect Stigger to get a new heart within 18 months, his daughter is still worried. 

"At my wedding--that he might not--because he didn't get to walk his other daughter down the aisle and I want him to have that honor to do that for me," Haley Stigger said, Billy's daughter.

"I feel a part of the law enforcement family," Billy Stigger said. "I never lost contact with them. They never let me lose contact with them."

Just like at the shooting range, Haley hopes that in the future, her father can be by her side.

Jen French, KTEN News