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One Texoma Athlete's Journey Back to the Field

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COALGATE, OK -- A very touching story in Coalgate, OK of one Texoma athlete's journey back to the field. Shay Loudermilk is a high school senior who last Spring during a baseball game began to realize his swollen left arm could not be ignored any more.

For some of those who helped share his story this is still a very emotional tale. After visiting with a doctor Shay was diagnosed with Paget-Schroetter syndrome...a rare disease that causes massive blood clots.

Shay's blood clot started an inch from his heart and extended all the way to his wrist. Shay was told he would never play sports again. After a special surgery by a doctor in Houston, Shay, the football team's leading tackler and baseball's leading hitter was cleared to return to his team.

Holly Taylor, KTEN Sports