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Kingston Teacher Brightens the Halls of the Elementary School

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KINGSTON,OK--We all know those people who just have that artistic touch.

Well, one elementary school teacher in Kingston, Oklahoma is showing off her talent for murals and giving back to her school at the same time.

Here's photojournalist Luke Small with her story in her own words.

"I have always been able to draw since I was really, really young," said pre-k teacher Carla Milligan, "and I was an art major before I became an education major."

"When I was doing my student teaching here at Kingston, there was a first grade teacher, Sandy Patterson, that asked me to paint on her wall," Carla said, "and it just went from there."

"I think they're very beautiful and creative," said Lexi Damron, a fifth-grade student at Kingston.

"I'm glad to say my mom painted these halls," said Chance Milligan, Carla's son.

"Mostly the teachers give me ideas," Carla added, "I don't draw it or anything before I paint. I just start painting and it just kinda comes together."

"I'm extremely blessed to be able to do it, it just kinda of comes natural," she said, "I don't spend a whole lot of time preparing . I just bring my paint and my paintbrushes and just throw it on there and thankfully it does its thing."

"The children love it," she said, "The administration here is really supportive. I just like to be able to add a little additional things to the school. It just brightens everything up and just makes everybody happy, makes it a warm and comfortable place to be.

Carla's work extends into all corners of Texoma.

She does seasonal window painting for businesses in Madill, Oklahoma.

Her next big job will take her to Denison where she is painting murals for the kids at Terrell Elementary.

Luke Small, KTEn News